Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Basics of Heart Disease

There are thousands of species of animals on Earth and only four do not produce their own ascorbates. Science has shown that many of the body's systems require ascorbates to function properly. Those systems, in the absence of ascorbates, will fall into dysfunction and disrepair.

Ascorbate deficiency has been irrefutably linked to the world's #1 killer-heart disease.

Ascorbate deficiency causes microscopic cracks, or lesions, to develop in arteries. Another term for the condition is "sub-clinical scurvy."

The body's response to these lesions is to "patch" them with the lipoprotein we know as LDL (lower-density lipoprotein) cholesterol. If the body did not patch these lesions, we would die from internal bleeding.

(Note: LDL cholesterol has been maligned as the "bad cholesterol" because cardiologists find it lining and, eventually, blocking blood vessels and arteries. The body creates "good" HDL [high-density lipoprotein] cholesterol to carry fats straight to the liver where they are eliminated as bile acids through the gall bladder and, ultimately, the intestines).

As time elapses, the cracks become more numerous and the older LDL cholesterol patches harden into plaque. The process causes the diameter of the arteries to become narrower.

This is why "high blood pressure" is usually the first sign of heart disease-its a law of nature that when the flow of liquid is restricted, increased pressure results.

Eventually, the restriction can become a blockage, shutting off the flow of blood to tissue in certain areas of the body. This eventuality damages tissue and leads to angina, strokes or heart attacks. Plaque and clumping blood can also break away from their moorings, travel to the heart and cause a heart attack.

Upon review, we now understand that the cause of heart disease is ascorbate defiency, which causes lesions in blood veins, vessels and arteries and that the body's response is to patch the lesions with LDL cholesterol to prevent us from bleeding to death. This process causes restrictions in blood flow which causes high blood pressure, eventually resulting in angina and heart attack.

Our task is to reverse the condition causing vesicular/arterial lesions and remove the plaque that has accumulated to patch these lesions.

We have learned how to do this safely, effectively and affordably.

Scientific Health Journal: Scientific Health Journal

Scientific Health Journal: Scientific Health Journal

Advanced Scientific Health Plan Blog

Advanced Scientific Health Plan Blog

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Advanced Health Focuses on Scientific Health

Source: Vickie Barker
April 17, 2007

(PR) – ASH, an acronym for Advanced Scientific Health, researches
studies of Nobel prize winning scientists. It focuses on research that is
hidden in labs and scientific journals. ASH was started as the search of
one man who was slated for his fourth heart bypass. He decided to walk
out the doctor's office in spite of dire warnings that he would not survive.
He began to research studies from Nobel Prize winning scientists such
as Linus Pauling. The research developed into an understanding of what
makes the body tick and what was required as a foundation for the
body to survive and thrive. Others joined him. Some joined due to
challenges with cancer. Others joined due to challenges with fibromyalgia,
headaches, allergies, or diabetes.

The unique factor about ASH and its army of researchers is that they
have learned to become their own food and drug inspectors. The group
has also developed a simple and basic education program that allows
both health care professionals and families learn how the body works
at the cellular level. Based on the indisputable facts coming from the
scientific health care community they provide an education vehicle that
has never before been available.

The ASH program includes twice weekly Live Lecture calls that are open
to anyone desiring to learn more. Researchers can e-mail their questions
to be answered on the next available Live Lecture. Each researcher
receives a personal research website with access to the protocols
recommended by the Nobelists at Lab Cost to further their independent
research. These formulations are high quality, and the individual
components work together. The sum of the whole is greater than
that of the individual parts.

With today's costs of Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease and other
so called "incurable disease" research reaching the BILLIONS
of dollars, this group has found a way to research, apply and enjoy
good health for a minimal monthly cost. The big difference is, they have
found the natural cure for all "disease" and it is the human body itself.

"We just found out how the body works at the molecular level, applied the
knowledge from the insider doctors and scientists and are here to share it
with you and to make it available for the generations to come" says Barney
Folger, a founder of ASH.

To provide more information on health at the cellular level and an option for
others, a group of independent researchers are making available a Free
Elemental Health Research Guide at .

Anyone suffering with illness and disease would be wise to look at all
options available. You can prevent needless pain, suffering and great
expense by becoming your own independent researcher. The days of
high cost medical bills, dangerous chemical drugs and invasive and
irreversible surgeries are over for those that are willing to learn Autology
(Study Thyself).

To find out more about ASH, how your body works at the molecular level and to join this group of researchers, simply visit the research site at: ADVANCED HEALTH

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Reversing chronic disease is elemental

Most people believe that genetics or bad luck gave them diseases for which the only treatments are drugs and surgeries. As a result, organized medicine will sell an estimated two trillion-dollars worth of drugs and surgeries in 2007.

Drugs and surgeries are obviously not the solution to our medical problems; each year more, not fewer people die slowly (and expensively)from pharmaceutically and surgically- treated diseases.

Drs. Otto Warburg and Linus Pauling were awarded Nobel Prizes for pioneering simple, inexpensive protocols to prevent or reverse chronic illnesses such as cancer and heart disease.

They determined that chronic diseases develop in the presence of acidic/unoxygenated cells caused by bodily imbalances resulting from malnutrition. Simply giving the body the few nutrients it needs restores balance; oxygenation and alkalinization then follow so that real healing can begin.

The process is truly elemental. By learning how your body works and why it gets sick, you can then obtain the non-patentable vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids known to reverse disease symptoms that may have otherwise been terminal.

Once you know how your body works, you can teach others how their bodies work. Whether they know it yet or not, they are depending on you. Nobel prizes have been awarded to men whose contributions to understanding how the body works have given us the “cures” to all diseases. Medical bankruptcies compound the pain and misery of America’s chronic illness epidemic The American dream has a perverse ending these days: Diagnoses of chronic diseases, longterm treatment with expensive drugs, pain, misery, bankruptcy and death without dignity. Almost half of all Americans will be diagnosed with cancer during their lives; nearly all of them will die slowly and painfully of cancer after being subjected to years of expensive chemo therapy drugs, radiation treatments and surgeries.

Those who escape cancer will succumb to heart disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s or some other chronic disease. Reuters recently cited a report published in the journal Health Affairs that found half of all bankruptcies are filed by Americans drowning in medical bills.

Most of the nearly 800,000 medical bill-induced bankruptcies were average Americans and their dependents with medical insurance who happened to get sick. “Our study is frightening. Unless you are Bill Gates, you’re just one serious illness away from bankruptcy,” commented study director Dr. David Himmelstein of the Harvard Medical School.

To help organized medicine collect, Congress passed a bankruptcy reform bill in March, 2005, exempting medical bills from bankruptcy protection.

Statistically, you will be diagnosed with a chronic illness, you will seek treatment from doctors who will prescribe drugs and surgeries, you will suffer economic hardship from treatments that never cure the illness and you will die sick and penniless... ...unless you learn about the true nature of disease and why bodies develop chronic symptoms.

You and your loved ones can escape chronic disease and subsequent poverty, but it requires learning how to prevent or reverse its symptoms nutritionally.

Join our Army of LifeSavers. For your FREE Research Guide visit:

The Advanced Health Plan.