Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Advanced Health Focuses on Scientific Health

Source: Vickie Barker
April 17, 2007

(PR) – ASH, an acronym for Advanced Scientific Health, researches
studies of Nobel prize winning scientists. It focuses on research that is
hidden in labs and scientific journals. ASH was started as the search of
one man who was slated for his fourth heart bypass. He decided to walk
out the doctor's office in spite of dire warnings that he would not survive.
He began to research studies from Nobel Prize winning scientists such
as Linus Pauling. The research developed into an understanding of what
makes the body tick and what was required as a foundation for the
body to survive and thrive. Others joined him. Some joined due to
challenges with cancer. Others joined due to challenges with fibromyalgia,
headaches, allergies, or diabetes.

The unique factor about ASH and its army of researchers is that they
have learned to become their own food and drug inspectors. The group
has also developed a simple and basic education program that allows
both health care professionals and families learn how the body works
at the cellular level. Based on the indisputable facts coming from the
scientific health care community they provide an education vehicle that
has never before been available.

The ASH program includes twice weekly Live Lecture calls that are open
to anyone desiring to learn more. Researchers can e-mail their questions
to be answered on the next available Live Lecture. Each researcher
receives a personal research website with access to the protocols
recommended by the Nobelists at Lab Cost to further their independent
research. These formulations are high quality, and the individual
components work together. The sum of the whole is greater than
that of the individual parts.

With today's costs of Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease and other
so called "incurable disease" research reaching the BILLIONS
of dollars, this group has found a way to research, apply and enjoy
good health for a minimal monthly cost. The big difference is, they have
found the natural cure for all "disease" and it is the human body itself.

"We just found out how the body works at the molecular level, applied the
knowledge from the insider doctors and scientists and are here to share it
with you and to make it available for the generations to come" says Barney
Folger, a founder of ASH.

To provide more information on health at the cellular level and an option for
others, a group of independent researchers are making available a Free
Elemental Health Research Guide at .

Anyone suffering with illness and disease would be wise to look at all
options available. You can prevent needless pain, suffering and great
expense by becoming your own independent researcher. The days of
high cost medical bills, dangerous chemical drugs and invasive and
irreversible surgeries are over for those that are willing to learn Autology
(Study Thyself).

To find out more about ASH, how your body works at the molecular level and to join this group of researchers, simply visit the research site at: ADVANCED HEALTH

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